Fred: Coach in Wilrijk

Over mij

I am connected to sports since I have memory. In my childhood, I used to follow my father who was a professional football player. As teenager I have practiced a lot of sports (football, basketball, handball) but football was the one I have competed for 7 years. Physical activity is in my daily basis since I know myself. I see it as a therapy for body, mind and humour. I decided to follow this passion and I made a degree in Sports Science at University UTAD in Portugal. The interest by functionality, rehab and life quality made me also go for a post graduation in Physical Therapy at CESPU, Portugal.

Sports gave me a lot of skills that are crucial to my life such as resiliency, willing power, sacrifice, team spirit, leadership, it made me push myself out of my comfort zone, which makes me the person that I am today.

I am passionated to help people improve their body and life quality, but also to make a mental and emotional changement on people's life.

Since 2015 I am helping people with 1-on-1 and group coaching.

Furthermore I speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and intermediate Dutch.

diploma’s, opleidingen en workshops:

- Advanced Personal Training course at Holmes Place 2019
- Indoor cycling Holmes Place 2019
- Post Graduation Physical Therapy at CESPU 2018-2019
- Degree in Sports Science at UTAD 2012-2015